Release Notes for Bacula Enterprise 16.0

The Director (Dir) and all Storage Daemons (SDs) must all be upgraded to version 16.0 as they they are not compatible with prior versions.

Catalog format in version 16.0 and greater

The major release 16.0 of Bacula uses a new catalog format. We provide a set of scripts that convert 6.6.x and earlier catalog versions to the new 16.0 format (1026). Please see the Migration to New Major Version of Bacula for detailed instructions on the migration process.

The database upgrade from 1025 to 1026 is fast and simple for most users.

The Bacula Enterprise RPM spec files have been modified to detect the database change and to do the upgrade for you (from 8.10, 10.0, 10.2, …). We strongly recommend that you save a copy of your existing database before upgrading using RPMs. If you want to have more control over the catalog upgrade step when upgrading using RPMs, you may want to contact the Bacula Systems support team to get the update_bacula_tables script from the updatedb package and run it before the RPM installation step or you can stop the database server before the upgrade.

If you upgrade the BWeb Management Suite from 8.x and you use a MySQL catalog, you must first update the BWeb SQL tables with the script upgrade-8.8_10.2_mysql.sql.

If you are starting from scratch, you will not need to run the update_bacula_tables script since the create_bacula_tables script automatically creates the tables in the new format.

Important notes

The RPM packages have been reworked to have the different important tools in separate packages. The bconsole program is no longer included in the bacula-enterprise-client package and is now in the bacula-enterprise-console package. This may have an impact if you are starting jobs from the client using bconsole as you will now need to install the bconsole package in addition to the client package. Oracle and SAP packages have been updated accordingly.

Restricted Console users must modify their existing Console resources to specify DirectoryACL=*all* and UserIdACL=*all* in order to continue to use the restore command. If these two directives are not set, the restore command will return an error.

The File Daemon directive ‘EnableClientRehydration’ is now deprecated.

The minimum value for the Storage Daemon Device directive named ‘MaximumVolumeBytes’ is now 1MB.

Old File Daemon versions are still compatible and can be used to protect older systems such as Redhat 5, SLES 10-11.2.

Known Issues and Workarounds

  • #1723 The hardlinks=yes FileSet option is not compatible with VirtualFull jobs.

    This incompatibility might lead to problems performing a restore. The error message displayed during a restore job is:

    Error: create_file.c:327 Could not hard link /path: ERR=No such file or directory

    To restore the file correctly, the first occurrence of the hardlink file in the backup must be selected manually. The procedure to distinguish hardlinks in the catalog is available from the Bacula Systems Support team.

  • #4957 Copy/Migration/VirtualFull jobs based on Incomplete jobs - a potential issue.

    Under some circumstances a Copy/Migration/VirtualFull job may not be able to copy the data from a Job that was interrupted and restarted using the Incomplete Job feature. In versions 10.2.3 and above, the Copy/Migration/VirtualFull job is aborted with the following error message:

    Fatal error: catreq.c:691 SHA1 digest not same FileIndex=344 as attributes FI=343


    Fatal error: catreq.c:691 MD5 digest not same FileIndex=344 as attributes FI=343

    It is recommended to re-execute the Job that was interrupted and restarted to be able to copy/migrate the data. We do NOT recommend including Incomplete Jobs into a Progressive Virtual Full chain of jobs.

    The automatic rescheduling of Incomplete Jobs should be disabled to avoid restarted Incomplete jobs finishing successfully and being selected to be copied, migrated, or consolidated in a Virtual Full. To prevent Bacula from rescheduling Incomplete Jobs, use the “RescheduleIncompleteJobs = no” Job directive.

  • #9124 VMware Instant Recovery fails booting the VM (fixed in 16.0.7)

    The issue concerns booting up the VM after performing Instant Recovery normally, meaning the hosts are selected, the datastore is created and mounted, the OVF is deployed and disks are added to the VM. After that, there is a following error message:

    W: Unable to complete Task powerOnVm: name=PowerOnVM_Task target=LSLTVAT01-86433 desc=Powering on the new Virtual Machine err=The specified device is not a valid physical disk device Could not power on VM. Please check vsphere-ctl logs for more details.

    Afterwards the cleanup is performed as usual. You must use the usual restore process and the Single Item Restore feature to restore a Virtual Machine if using VMware version 7.0.3 or above.

Please contact the Bacula Systems Support team for more information on any of the above issues.

Release 16.0.14 / 24 May 2024

16.0.14 is a minor bug fix release.

  • Detect unsolvable volume cycle in split_bsr_loop()

  • Enforce malware database download from

  • Fix org#2714 Fails to take TLS Allowed CN into account

  • bweb: Request #10897 update to version 3.52

  • dedup2: All repair modes can use -r to replace the old index with the new one

  • dedup2: In-place rollback and repair of the index

  • dedup2: bug fixes for managing the vacuum_overloaded variable in the storage daemon

  • dedup2: improve error message for chunk not found in the index

  • dedup2: updates for bdde-check utility

  • dedup2: updates for bdde-fsck utility

  • docs: Adding dbcheck and bsmtp

  • docs: Components Resources Restructured

  • docs: Old format of directive tags brought back

  • improve gdb btraceback to get the variables inside the faulty thread

  • k8s: Add Ingress integration backup/restore

  • k8s: Add dockerfile to create an image to compile k8s plugin in any debian/ubuntu distribution

  • k8s: Avoid pvcs backup when the pvc status is Terminating

  • k8s: Fix #0010901 - Problem when restore service clusterIPs

  • m365: Adapt .query output for sharepoint to integrate it better with scanplugin when we have sub-sites

  • m365: Add id and other information to .query command. Adapt backup to interpret site id, even with ;

  • m365: Add uuid in query commands potentially used by scan_plugin

  • m365: Do not show error in .ls or query commands outputs while listing sites

  • m365: Do not stop listing sites wity .ls or .query if we have trouble with sub-sites

  • m365: Fix Sharepoint race condition with associated drive items #10827

  • m365: Fix issue with Sharepoint and different domains in the organization

  • m365: Fix not all Sharepoint sites being listed when we have more than 200 #10915

  • m365: Increase jar version due to latest .query changes

  • m365: Update PnP framework and libraries

  • m365: Version number internal alignment with Bacula

  • meta: Update meta-plugin dependencies and JUnit to have it fine for JDK 21. Update lombok everywhere aswell

  • scan-plugin: Do not override elements created by a different configuration file having another uuid

  • vsphere: Fix bad openssl variable name. Add datastores when listing hostsystems

  • vsphere: Fix duplicated server= entry for query parameter=server. Renamed api one to server_api

  • vsphere: Fix error while setting network at restore time

  • vsphere: Fix instant recovery disk paths. Avoid searching for targets in NFS and other commands (to speed them up). JDK 21 compatibility

  • vsphere: Recover FIPS related configurations in vsphere-ctl

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:

10827 10897 10901 10915

Release 16.0.13 / 28 March 2024

16.0.13 is a minor bug fix release.

  • Cleaned up shell code in

  • Specified that only normal backup jobs can become “Incomplete”; MAC must return errors.

  • Reverted “Fix #8354: About confusing log message during the ‘dump’ MySQL backup”.

  • Reverted “Fix #9882: About TapeAlert script issue on RHEL8”.

  • bweb: Added s3 force_path_style.

  • bweb: Fixed issue #10801 regarding use_uuid in scan_plugin.

  • bweb: Fixed issue #10812 about sorting the description field with scan_plugin.

  • bweb: Retained the name instead of the UUID for the fileset name in scan_plugin.

  • cloud: Fixed issue #10788 where the S3 driver clean-up used alist instead of ilist.

  • cloud: The generic driver clean-up now uses alist instead of ilist.

  • cloud: Fixed issue #10788 related to cloud volume deletion crash.

  • dedup2: Fixed issue #10790 where SD got stuck in a copy job due to a MISS chunk.

  • dedup2: Corrected copy/migration false error “size in reference doesn’t match size of chunk”.

  • dedup2: Updated BDDE tool and integrated regression tests.

  • dedup2: Made minor updates to BDDE utility.

  • dedup2: Recoded BDDE tools.

  • docs: Added a unit to the default value.

  • docs: Changed “parameter pool” to “parameter datastore” in List Datastore.

  • docs: Updated version from 16.0.7 to 16.0.12 in BGuradian Scope.

  • docs: Added details for DE0056 error code.

  • docs: Added explanation about the plugin option parameter.

  • docs: Restructured Kubernetes documentation.

  • docs: Removed information about the version in SAN advanced transport sentence.

  • docs: Updated newbee.rst with the section name content.

  • docs: Added information that neither the client nor the fileset are involved in an Admin Job.

  • docs: Added the MaximumVolumeParts directive to the Limitations section to limit the size of a cloud volume.

  • K8s: Updated documentation to version 2.2.0.

  • hyperv-winapi: Fixed log output for broken pipes and added -f in the usage.

  • vsphere: Added a backtrace procedure after receiving a bad signal.

  • vsphere: Enabled finding vmx and nvram even if the VM was renamed or moved.

  • vsphere: Re-fixed query showing errors by system.out and causing issues with scandatacenter (#10781).

Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 10781 10790 10801 10812 8354 9882

Release 16.0.12 / 04 March 2024

16.0.12 is a minor bug fix release.

  • Fix #10752 storage option on the restore command line not working

  • Fix org#2704 about old FD compatibility

  • Fix org#2705 about issue with accurate checking of new file signature attributes

  • Fix org#2706 Volume encryption force RSA:2048 instead of gpg default

  • Report immutable/readonly error messages to the job log


  • bguardian: Improve connection and do it by default using unix sockets


  • bweb: Fix #10652 NDMP volume not required in connection part of the automation wizard

  • bweb: Fix #10776 pool filter on media page

  • bweb: Fix #9693 not working disable bacula configuration menu option

Cloud Plugin:

  • cloud: Under specific conditions, bcloud clean was crashing on empty volume_name.

  • cloud: avoid using config file in multi-cloud. Gather the error codes and report correctly

Dedup 2 Plugin:

  • dedup2: Added check to show bug saving rollback flag when hdbohashmem = true

  • dedup2: Two DDE utilities for regress testing and debugging, bdde-check and bdde-fsck

  • dedup2: Fix #10486 corrupted chunk with huge size crash the SD

  • dedup2: Fix #10714 vacuum delete all entries of the index

  • dedup2: bug fixes for bdde-fsck and bdde-check not caught in development

  • dedup2: display orphan ref per volume

  • dedup2: fix bug to remove hardcoded use of myconf.h from tokyocabinet in bdde-check and bdde-fsck

  • dedup2: index rebuild can reset extent status to USED

  • dedup2: two new programs, bdde-fsck (was fsck-test) and bdde-check (was tc-tool) along with updates

  • dedup2: updates to clean up code and fix remaining endian issues for bdde-fsck and bdde-check

  • dedup2: fix where vaccum exits early during inventory and removes data from containers

  • dedup2: small changes to improve DDE2 rebuild and rollback functions on startup

Kubernetes Plugin:

  • k8s: Added backup_mode parameter, add resiliance when snapshot backup is not compatible and clone backup fails and minor fixes

  • k8s: Added check snapshot api-resource available

  • k8s: Fix when ‘volumesnapshotclasses’ resource is not available in cluster

  • k8s: Fix #10669: When a node don’t have any pvc


  • docs: #10750 Document how to force a new check and fix the interval parameter definition

  • docs: Added info about default options for accurate mode

  • docs: Added missing and fix duplicated role

  • docs: Adding the default bandwidth value

  • docs: Advanced Features Usage reviewed

  • docs: Advanced Features Usage reviewed

  • docs: BE Planning and Preparation reviewed

  • docs: Changed reference to VMware and added ref to specific DB plugins

  • docs: Documented mysql plugin option backup_software

  • docs: Installation deleted from Fundamentals and Setup Test moved to Installation

  • docs: Release Notes 16.0.11 added

  • docs: Remove manual installation from the BGuardian plugin documentation

  • docs: Restructured Disaster Recovery main chapter

  • docs: Reviewed Fundamentals

  • docs: KVM plugin - corrected fileset

  • docs: M365 SharePoint technology used update - MS Graph API and PowerShell PnP

  • docs: Added missing supported platform on Linux and others

  • docs: Screenshots for the BWeb VMware Center module updated

  • docs: MySQL Plugin reviewed

  • docs: Security and threat analysis restructured

  • docs: BE Upgrade and Removal reviewd

  • docs: Technical Reference reviewed

  • docs: Syslog destination updated

  • docs: Changed Truncate Cache = No to Truncate Cache = AfterUpload

  • docs: Added also wget to bim url fix


  • rpms: Added new tools to spec file

  • rpms: Added include missing chart library to BWeb spec files

vSphere Plugin:

  • vsphere: Added StorageProfile.View permission #10786. Use manual versioning

  • vsphere: Added more resiliency to query operations which should solve some scan_datacenter issues #10673

  • vsphere: Added template marking priviledges. Not fail the restore if template marking fails

  • vsphere: Not fail if overridevm is used, but the target VM is no more in server

  • vsphere: Improvements on setting target vms

  • vsphere: Saved vm profile when restoring to correct missing- name from previous possible problems #10758

  • vsphere: Version tag expanded

  • vsphere: Added resiliency to profileallvm management with unexpected vm moref or name

Windows BRM Plugin:

  • winbmr: Not mount recovery partition for the estimate command

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:

10486 10572 10652 10673 10714 10750 10752 10758 10776 10786 9693

Release 16.0.11 / 18 January 2024

16.0.11 is a minor bug fix release.

  • bweb: Fix #10658 display media view for multiple volumes at once

  • bweb: Fix #10680 update links to online plugin documentation

  • bweb: Fix #10684 about incorrect ‘–vm’ parameter with scan_datacenter

  • cloud: Fix #10291 assume that driver ‘ls’ can return error 1 when the path doesn’t exist. Handle it in generic driver

  • cloud: Fix #10685 truncateCache at endofjob was not processed due to wrong transfer status verification

  • dedup2: check rwlock for deadlock error

  • dedup2: fix vacuum crashes, hashes=0x0 connection is not fully registered

  • dedup2: improve vacuum merge, better detection of empty extents

  • dedup2: lock index for flush_entries() during merge

  • dedup2: vacuum improvements: messages, accounting, and cancel handling

  • dedup2: handle the cancel during the merge part of the vacuum

  • rpms: Fix case in single item restore perl-file-copy package name

  • rpms: Fix single item restore issue with rhel9

  • vsphere: Fix restore issue #10644. Add vApp filtering base code

  • vsphere: Fix vsphere-ctl ‘update’ command when vm is not found

  • vsphere: Hide experimental SAN restore options

  • vsphere: Ignore empty entries

  • vsphere: Print empty values for state and product name in vApps list

  • vsphere: Recover ‘id=’ parameter on listing commands, so legacy scan_datacenter script works normally #10662

  • vsphere: vApp filtering completion

  • docs: Added linking between BWeb authentication methods

  • docs: Adding ‘toctree’ to Installation articles

  • docs: Applying Giulio’s feedback to mysql

  • docs: Applying Giulio’s feedback to postgresql

  • docs: Changed tags

  • docs: Clean the misc.rst in two main places

  • docs: Clean the monitor-configuration.rst file

  • docs: Clean utility.rst which is the Utility Programs chapter of the main manual

  • docs: Fixed navigation in Automated Disk Backup

  • docs: Main doc restructure best practice guide

  • docs: Main doc restructure misc bsnmp

  • docs: Main doc restructure misc Rest API

  • docs: Main doc restructure misc security considerations

  • docs: Main doc restructure misc supported Tape Libraries

  • docs: Main doc restructure problems main chatper

  • docs: Misc doc restructure misc intro

  • docs: Moved CDP, Job levels/Types/Status, Verify Job to the structured documentation

  • docs: Moved configure.rst in BEConfiguration main chapter

  • docs: Moved the structured article about Tape Library setup with BWeb to the new structure

  • docs: Moved the Windows version of Bacula chapter to many different places

  • docs: Planning and Preparation Restructure Backup Policy + Navigation

  • docs: Publishing RNs 16.0.10

  • docs: Resolve “Review the restructured vSphere plugin part 3”

  • docs: Restructure Advanced Features Usage

  • docs: Restructure BE Configuration Best Practices

  • docs: Restructure Customizing Configuration Files

  • docs: Restructure two files migration.rst and UpgradeBaculaEnterprise/index.rst into one structure

  • docs: Restructured Interfaces articles into UserInterfaces

  • docs: Tags Corrections

  • docs: Technical reference structure part1

  • docs: Updated the vSphere plugin documentation

  • docs: UsingBaculaToGrabInformation move to JobsMonitoring main chapter under BE Management

  • docs: Volume Management via different tools added

  • docs: delete old artifacts faster

  • docs: openstack-vm: Add plugin configuration as installation second step

  • docs: removing MySQL from Configuration title

Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 10291 10644 10658 10662 10680 10684 10685

Release 16.0.10 / 14 December 2023

16.0.10 is a minor bug fix release

  • Fixing and improving BSR cycle detection and resolution

  • cloud: Fix #10591 missing n in returned lists

  • cloud: Fix #10604 upload() might not exit with correct error code

  • cloud: proof guard truncation

  • Hyper-v: Fix #10530 fixing ConvertVMSnapshotToRefpoint

  • Hyper-v: making sure full restore relies on self-generated bmp file, not vhdx.exe

  • Hyper-v: Adding PORTABLE data flag

  • Hyper-v: Changing full backup size to hd logical size. Fixing pwd null.

  • Hyper-v: Updating pattern and integrity tests

  • Hyper-v: debugging vhdx,exe output on restore. Return io_status

  • Hyper-v: adding -f directive to force empty block skipping at restore

  • Hyper-v: restore skips empty buffers to limit image size

  • bweb: Fix #10601 displaying job log and log search

  • bweb: Optimizing SQL query to get job log

  • dedup2: Vacuum continues despite an error (or cancel) while reading volumes

  • dedup2: not blocking backups during vacuum merge

  • docs: Adding example about pod annotation to kubernetes

  • docs: Cleaning the misc article

  • docs: Document new %i variable in edit_device_code()

  • docs: Postresql plugin restructure and review

  • rpms: Fixing wazuh demo package

Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 10530 10591 10601 10604

Release 16.0.9 / 30 November 2023

16.0.9 is a minor bug fix release.

  • Fix #10453 volume with a wrong label after encryption error

  • Fix JSON output in .status dir running

  • Fix openssl 3.x to not call EVP_CipherFinal_ex() twice

  • Fix restore issue when compression is enabled but not available. introduced in 16.0.8

  • bweb: Added backup_software to the mysql configuration page

  • bweb: Fix #10081 added queued runscript value

  • bweb: Fix #10570 fixed trailing slashes in fileset includes and excludes

  • bweb: Implemented security dashboard

  • hyperv: Fix issue when there is a connection error in .query command

  • k8s: Fix pvc naming error in csi snapshots

  • oracle: Fix #10576 Improve the sbt.conf checking code

  • security: Fix incorrect warning about Archive directories

  • security: Fix warning in lynis output

  • security: Remove incomplete checks for MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • docs: Deleting SIR Installation with BIM

  • docs: First round of updates removing version 6.0 news

  • docs: Moving NDMP Plugin Copyright information

  • docs: MySQL restructure and review

  • docs: Quiesce “try” error and warning message

  • docs: Resolve “Review the restructured vSphere plugin part 2”

  • docs: Update cloud-backup.rst

Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 10081 10453 10570 10576

Release 16.0.8 / 15 November 2023

16.0.8 is a minor bug fix release. There are, however, a few new features.

  • openstack-vm: Plugin OpenStack VM plugina added

  • bweb: Automation center and new automation wizard implemented

  • Fix #10163 %i (jobid) to edit_device_codes() added

  • Fix #10307 PriorJobName and PriorJobId to the volume label format added

  • Fix #10365 Pass comment field to copy/migration jobs from the control job

  • Fix #10524 Adding JobTimestamp variable for volume format

  • Update PriorJob and PriorJobId in db_update_job_start_record()

  • Fix #10249 Status schedule output fix

  • Fix #10303 scan_plugin help message improved

  • Fix #10323 bug in status storage with incorrect devices fixed

  • Fix #10369 clearer message during progressive virtual full

  • Fix #10401 issue when truncating immutable volume fixed

  • Fix #10513 show command issue with incorrect storage configuration fixed

  • Fix ZSTD compression level ignored in FileSet

  • Set default ZSTD level to 3 instead of 10

  • Fix mysql warning about OPT_RECONNECT that is deprecated in 8.0.34

  • Added man pages for b*json tools

  • Changed the deadlock check interval to 20mins

  • Disabled garbage collection based on sm_bytes for big systems

  • bguardian: Added details about connection to PostgreSQL

  • bguardian: Completed Configuration, Operations section, Added LastGood service

  • bguardian: Fix #10520 about a couple of parsing errors

  • bguardian: Fix for deviation in older postgresql. Not fail subsequent queries when first one does it

  • bguardian: Fixed handling of system commands with very long output

  • bguardian: Fix: not loaded locale causing exception when using services-exclude option

  • bguardian: Fixed table titles without i18n associated text

  • bguardian: Fix wrong messages. Fix Events reading. Show all code in html and put expand all collapse all. i18n base

  • bguardian: Minor fix for autovacuum check

  • bguardian: Run it with bacula user. Better integration with BWeb. Moved process handling classes to meta-plugin

  • bguardian: i18n finished. Added es language

  • bguardian: peer instead of trust for the example of BGuardian postgresql connection

  • bweb: Adapted JSON description field in bconfig

  • bweb: Added BlobEndpoint directive support for Amazon cloud driver

  • bweb: Added NDMP use_cab option to ndmp configuration page

  • bweb: Added device name to cloud transfer status in storage overview

  • bweb: Added to bsTable opening flexible column menu under current mouse position

  • bweb: Fix #10001 enabling the use of dots in secret and access keys

  • bweb: Fix #10270 device table columns if job is running but no volume available

  • bweb: Fix #10316 aligning boxes after log out/log in

  • bweb: Fix #10324 ZSTD compression setting in fileset configuration

  • bweb: Fix #10339 About issue while displaying client list

  • bweb: Fix #10356 opening documentation after clicking question mark icon

  • bweb: Fix #10379 not working Microsoft 365 fileset wizard

  • bweb: Fix #10393 enabling access to event dashboard if r_configure role is set

  • bweb: Fix #10416 Bacula concepts link in welcome window

  • bweb: Fix #10446 setting volume encryption directive

  • bweb: Fix #10451 removing randfile directive from openssl.cnf template

  • bweb: Fix #10451 stopping the use of randfile for openssl RNG

  • bweb: Fix #10452 downloading component key/cert and ssh key

  • bweb: Fix #10470 device size not available for tape devices in storage overview

  • bweb: Fix #10503 cloud status in storage overview

  • bweb: Fix #9966 displaying error message if configuration is invalid

  • bweb: Fix SetVolumeAppendOnly and SetVolumeImmutable directives setting

  • bweb: Request #10060 adding online media filter to media list page

  • bweb: Request #10320 extending cloud bucket validation for new allowed characters

  • bweb: Request #10368 adding flexible table column function to storage overview tables

  • bweb: Request #10440 using event function to log login/logout events

  • bweb: Request #10447 adding Amazon cloud driver support to new storage wizard

  • bweb: Request #10494 add sync on close directive support to storage device settings

  • bweb: Request: #10374 adding enabled column to schedule list table

  • bweb: inform the user about the generated resources in the edit page

  • cloud: Fix #10259 Oracle cloud failed behind. Several updates

  • cloud: Fix #10525 Adding device name to the transfer fields

  • dedup1: Fix #10289 avoiding SIGBUS at startup after diskfull

  • dedup2: Fix #10289 when bee_dde.idx grow above 4GiB

  • dedup2: fix #10522 always stop the vacuum helper thread

  • dedup2: setting default max container size to 100GiB (aka 25599 extents of 4MB)

  • hyperv: Adding hyperv-winapi plugin

  • Oracle Plugin RAC is supported in AIX 7.1 and AIX 7.3 added

  • k8s: Adding compatibility with csi volume snapshots backup

  • k8s: Adding snapshot support feature in pod annotations and fix minor bugs.

  • k8s: Fix #9735 Protocol error when tar file changed while we do backup it

  • k8s: Fix build compatibility with old versions and RHEL.

  • k8s: Fix clusterIP when we restore a headless service.

  • k8s: Fix csi compatibility

  • k8s: Fix dependence problem with upx package when the kubernetes-pod is created

  • k8s: Fix service upload error and flexible yaml loader

  • k8s: Fix write the same pvc data two times

  • k8s: Upgrading libraries up to Centos7 supports

  • ldap: Fix #10537 Displaying an error message if the config file is not accessible

  • m365: Document the creation/obfuscation of registrator secrets

  • m365: Fix delegaed permissions problem when invoked with concurrency. Hide hostedcontent 400 errors. Upgrade libs

  • m365: HostedContents failures of systemEvent messages are now ignored. Do not try to restore Notes tab. Upgraded libs

  • m365: Libs update. Renew generator secret and do secrets long-term

  • m365: Updating footer date of html reports

  • mysql: Fix warning with delta_seq on MySQL during restore

  • mysql: Fix #10336 Allow - in database name during restore. Improve support for MariaDB

  • mysql: Fix #10367 About MariaDB command detection

  • azure-vm-libs: update

  • azure-vm: Adding unified epoch and fname for all elems

  • nutanix-ahv: Checking for directory creation during local restore

  • postgres: Fix #10362 About working file not properly closed during backup

  • postgres: Fix #10467 About warning while re-creating postgres role

  • proxmox: Adding support for 8.x

  • rest-api: Fix #10276 switch main REST API page to API panel

  • rest-api: Fix #10523 PHP magic quotes error

  • rest-api: Fix error handler method available staticaly for newer PHP versions

  • rest-api: Switching OAuth2 web console to OAuth2 version 2 RFC 6749 compatible

  • rpms: Fix #10405 Adding samba and perl-File-Copy to Single item restore package dependencies

  • s3: Adding new force_path_style parameter available since 16.0.7

  • scan_plugin: Adding object-include/object-exclude parameters

  • scan_plugin: Fix issue with simple options when loadind config from JSON

  • security-fd: adding rules

  • security-fd: count alerts, warnings and suggestions

  • security: Added missing pieces into the Fundamentals/Features/Security article

  • vmdk_scanner: added a reset() function and reorder variables initialization

  • vmdk_scanner: added wrappers in win32

  • vmdk_scanner: moved vmdk_scanner files into plugins/fd

  • vsphere: Adding Query method to list networks

  • vsphere: Adding additionnal libs to vixdisk

  • vsphere: Adding fips environment variables to vddk command

  • vsphere: Adding fips environment variables to vddk command

  • vsphere: Fix #10510 Log the transport mode during restores

  • vsphere: Fix #10514 errors with config create command

  • vsphere: Fix env to vddk. New query config_check and config_list. disk_include param. Retry some vsphere queries

  • vsphere: Fix file locking framework to avoid getting empty vsphere.profile read operations #9291

  • vsphere: Including query by_tag, by_host, by_datastore, by_resourcepool, by_datacenter

  • vsphere: Integrating FileTransfer for NVRAM and VNX backup

  • vsphere: Managing remotely vsphere_global.conf with new ‘config_store’ and ‘config_append’ query methods

  • vsphere: Preventing restoring vm to be booted. Query for scan methods now use filter approach. Log vcenter in backup. Fixed set network

  • vsphere: Restoring vmx to disk. Restore to ESXi nvram right name. Restoring no-network and set-network opts

  • vsphere: Tracking handy RunTest class

  • vsphere: VM File transfer to/from datastore

  • vsphere: config check command now checks root_directory existence

  • vsphere: detect FIPs configuration for vddk

  • vsphere: detect FIPs configuration for vddk

  • winbmr: new “version=2” option to use with File=/

  • xen: Skipping restore of bmp files to avoid error message

  • docs: Removed Bweb SELinux warning

  • docs: Problem Resolution Guide restructured

  • docs: NDMP plugin docs modifications

  • docs: Misc/catalog-maintenace.rst reviewed

  • docs: vSphere plugin jobs are compatible with Virtual Full jobs since v14.0.4 information added

  • docs: Adding notes about Rocky Linux and Alma Linux supported for FD only

  • docs: Updating post-installation steps in Install Director article

  • docs: Adding Label Type Description

  • docs: Remove snapshot plugin functionality mention

  • docs: Adding to the core doc that TLS is now implemented by default

  • docs: English review of Sharepoint plugin documentation

  • docs: Debian-specific procedure on catalog upgrade added

  • docs: Delelting special Alma and Rocky option with BIM

  • docs: Adding Automated Disk Backup documentation

  • docs: Adding The Windows Version of Bacula

  • docs: Adding Using Bacula to Improve Computer Security

  • docs: Adding Using Bacula CDP

  • docs: Adding Job Details (Status)

  • docs: M365 plugin authentication docs modification - no protected API

  • docs: Deleting information about supporting Windows SD

  • docs: Cloud documentation modified and information about Cloud Glacier plugin not necessary anymore to backup to Glacier with the Amazon driver added

  • docs: Cloud Installaltion and Management structure changed

  • docs: Deletion of all reference to virtual full being supported with plugin

  • docs: Adding dedup qcontainer command to add to dedup2 docs

  • docs: openstack-vm: Scope and architecture content

  • docs: Proxmox Restructured and Reviewed

  • docs: KVM Restructured and Reviewed

  • docs: Specification: Debian 12 is supported for FD only

  • docs: Nutanix AVH Restructure and Review

  • docs: Review of the scan_plugin documentation

  • docs: KVM plugin installation package manager instructions added

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:

10001 10060 10163 10249 10259 10270 10276 10289 10303 10307 10316 10320 10323 10324 10329 10336 10339 10356 10362 10365 10367 10368 10369 10374 10379 10393 10401 10405 10416 10439 10440 10446 10447 10451 10452 10467 10470 10494 10503 10510 10513 10514 10519 10520 10522 10523 10524 10525 10535 10537 452 9291 9735 9966

Release 16.0.7 / 11 July 2023

16.0.7 is a minor bug fix release.

  • Fix #10249 Adjust the output of status schedule

  • Fix error message code when a FileDaemon cannot connect the Director

  • Fix the selection list bug with jobid=1-2277

  • Use more specific Job status when verify job is waiting for SD or FD

  • cloud: BlobEndpoint is now supported with Amazon Cloud

  • Fix #10167 Add php-json dependency to rest-api package

  • Use size_t for smartalloc

  • bweb: Fix #10177 extra empty row in next jobs table

  • bweb: Fix #10182 SQL error if client groups filter function is used

  • bweb: Fix #10201 breaking hpassword line in vsphere plugin configuration

  • bweb: Fix #10232 loading Health Overview page if SELinux is enabled

  • bweb: Fix #10245 display HTTP headers on web interface

  • bweb: Fix #10253 wrong labels in aligned devices in a new storage wizard

  • bweb: Fix adding aligned device directive to single aligned device created by storage wizard

  • bweb: Set ID to menu items

  • dedup2: Fix #10206 slow backup and vacuum

  • dedup2: improve error reporting

  • dedup: Add Proxmox VMA support

  • docker: Fix potential segfault with incorrect plugin command line

  • e2ws: Archiving parameters and tests

  • e2ws: InPlace archiving fully supported. Code to potentially support in the future public folders on-premise

  • e2ws: Increase plugin version

  • kubernetes: Allow parameters with simple quotes

  • ndmp: Fix error message in .query when vserver is not set

  • azure-vm: Change switch clause on operation level with updated levels

  • postgresql: Fix PITR backup with version 15

  • proxmox: Add .query interface

  • proxmox: Add deduplication support for VMA archives

  • proxmox: Fix potential segfault with incorrect plugin command line

  • qemu: Fix potential segfault with incorrect plugin command line

  • rpms: Fix #10169 VixDisk version

  • s3: Add Force PathStyle option. #10192

  • s3: Fix problems with big files downloading #10229

  • scan_plugin: Add proxmox default parameter

  • sir: Add support for vSphere 7 and 8

  • sir: Fix SETATTR on bsymfs

  • sir: Fix TLS PSK errors with FIPS systems

  • sir: Fix bsymfs compilation on redhat 7

  • vsphere: Fix #10181 about restore error with updated profiles

  • winbmr: Fix #10173 Sticky error need to restart the client

  • winbmr: make the disklayout discovery more verbose in the trace file

Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 10167 10169 10173 10177 10181 10182 10192 10201 10206 10229 10231 10232 10245 10249 10253

Release 16.0.6 / 26 May 2023

16.0.6 is a minor bug fix release.

  • Fix #10082 Add Queue RunsWhen to bdirjson

  • Fix #10086 Improve BSR scanning when 2 jobs are running in //

  • Fix #10094 About broken var command

  • Fix #10123 about scan_plugin automatic plugin parameter detection

  • Fix MySQL catalog upgrade script with StatusInfo field

  • Fix issue with data spooling introduced in 16.0

Aligned Volume plugin:
  • aligned: Implement immutable and read-only feature

Cloud plugins:
  • cloud: amazon_driver Fix #10130 Add support for endpoint_url

  • cloud: s3_driver Fix #10130 Add debug to S3 driver

  • cloud: was_cloud_driver: Fix #9808 Fix the error report so it adapts to the error format

  • s3: Change any ‘glacier restore’ wording to ‘glacier retrieval’ and libraries upgrade

Dedup 2 plugin:
  • dedup2: Fix select the right ESM at startup

Exchange E2WS plugin:
  • e2ws: Fix null message in restore report for some items. Remove unused parameter. Set unread for report

  • e2ws: Fix user selection problems with user_exclude and user_regex_include #10144

  • e2ws: Fixed restore launch when no service is selected. Fixed connection with domain_admin

  • e2ws: Mime behavior clarification

HyperV-WMI plugin:
  • hyperv-wmi: Improve handling of the postAction with persistant file

  • hyperv-wmi: Fix #10075 reorder keywords without argument

  • hyperv-wmi: Fix #10106 Remove invalid chars from vmname when creating files

  • hyperv-wmi: Fix #BEE2023-402 Disabling Hyper-V Migration on the local FD host with a directive

  • hyperv-wmi: Fix #BEE2023-403 Detect VM motion in progress, report and skip during backup or wait, depending on option

  • hyperv-wmi: Got “Cannot validate argument on parameter ‘Name’. The argument is null or empty.” at restore. Tentative fix.

  • hyperv-wmi: Implement Hyper-V pruning

  • hyperv-wmi: Restore with where=’/’ is the same as restore with where empty

  • hyperv-wmi: Consistency retry only when error = “Production checkpoints cannot be created”

  • hyperv-wmi: Estimate volume free space when writing restore file

  • hyperv-wmi: Re-implementation of prune_ref_point

  • hyperv-wmi: Implement cancel mecanism

MySQL plugin:
  • mysql: Fix #10039 Use dump_opt parameter when dumping the schema

Azure VM plugin:
  • azure-vm: Fix #10097 Updated azure libs

SAP plugin:
  • sap: Allow to restore files into exising named pipes

Single Item Restore:
  • sir: Fix #10076 About strftime error with mount-vm -s option

VMWare plugin:
  • vsphere: Update VDDK to 8.0.1

  • docs: Deleting out-of-date content or updating it. Minor English or syntax modifications made

  • docs: Added information about RCT technology

  • docs: Added NFS and CIFS storage types

  • docs: Adding 4 dot commands regarding status dir

  • docs: Adding Bweb Autochanger Note

  • docs: Adding and fixing references

  • docs: Adding a note about VM version

  • docs: Adding a note suggested in Issue168

  • docs: Adding a note to mysql plugin

  • docs: Toctree changes

  • docs: Adding information on Internet connection needed for BIM

  • docs: Publishing Bacula Installation articles

  • docs: Publishing Fundamentals articles

  • docs: Publishing Bweb Authentication methods chapter

  • docs: Changing Drive to Drive Index

  • docs: Corrected title where there is no need for the BWeb version and how to contact support services

  • docs: Eric 16.0 volume protection time

  • docs: First pass technical and English proofread of volume-encryption.rst

  • docs: Review of the “Problem Resolution Guide” document

  • docs: Limitation section added

  • docs: Minor Change in Setup Test chapter

  • docs: Minor changes in Setup Test and Upgrade Bacula

  • docs: Added a warning to not use FD plugin running on the SD with storage group

  • docs: Added requirement for the Cloud S3/Amazon plugin to install aws cli

  • docs: Corrected all RHEV into RHV throughout the documentation

  • docs: Added Cloud S3/Amazon Plugin installation article link in the Cloud Plugins documentation

  • docs: Added access key directive value must be compatible with Amazon API for the Cloud S3/Amazon Plugin

  • docs: Added a Note in ‘Limitations’ section needed about encryption not currently compatible with vSphere SIR and IR features

  • docs: Added Bweb roles

  • docs: Deleting out-of-date content or updating it from core/misc.rst and generalmessageformat.rst

  • docs: Deleting out-of-date content or updating it from core/utility.rst and core/monitor-configuration.rst

  • docs: Deleting out-of-date content or updating it from misc/as400.rst and misc/basejob.rst

  • docs: Restructure and review - Upgrade Bacula

  • docs: Review of the tape library setup via BWeb

  • docs: Update supportedtapedrives.rst

  • docs: hyperv-wmi: restore description changed + examples

  • docs: hyperv-wmi: introducing ‘disable_vm_migration’ fileset keyword

  • docs: modifications to replace references to csi snapshots with csi volume cloning

  • docs: Document the ndmp limit_hist

  • docs: Document BACULA_CONFIGDIR variable in oracle plugin

Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 10039 10075 10076 10082 10086 10094 10106 10123 10130 10137 10144 9808

Release 16.0.5 / 05 April 2023

16.0.5 is an important bug fix release for restricted console users. Security enhancements have been made to the restricted console.

  • Fix #10000 About adding missing new cloud drivers

  • Fix #10004 Use VolRetention if greater than MinimumVolumeRetention when setting volume to Read-Only

  • Fix #10017 Add support for runscript AtJobCompletion to bdirjson

  • Fix #10020 #9757 Improve Volume Protection code and fix the unprotection code

  • Fix #10030 About a small issue while canceling the restore command

  • Fix #10032 Allow restore menu 1 to users without sqlquery command ACL

  • Fix #10033 Add extra Client and FileSet ACL checks to the estimate command

  • Fix issue in select_backups_before_date()

  • Fix #9968 About restore command security improvement with restricted consoles

  • Fix #10004 Check if volumes are used when setting the volume protection

  • Fix #9981 About segfault in bvfs_get_volume()

  • Fix missing JobHisto fields in make_mysql_tables

  • Adapt the delete command for the restricted consoles

  • Adapt the prune command for the restricted console

  • Check Pool specific ACL in select_media_dbr()

  • Adapt the purge command to check client ACL

  • Do not display specific SQL errors to restricted consoles

  • Include BackupClient in list jobs, list jobmedia, list fileevents, list joblog

  • Disable Bootstrap manual selection in restore for the restricted console

  • Restrict the use of local files during the restore file selection process when using the restricted console

  • Take the first valid FileSet for the restore Job with the restricted consoles

  • bweb: Fix #10008 About new Storage Group Policy

  • bweb: Fix #9977 missing level in next jobs page for virtualfull level backup

  • bweb: Fix error message when using bweb_testconfig on an empty catalog

Microsoft 365 plugin:
  • m365: Concurrent listing for emails fixed. Sharepoint PnP updated. Graph SDK updated

  • m365: Dynamic reduction of threads because of throttling. Sharepoint getPages fix. EmailMetadata sentdate fix - m365: Graph SDK update

  • m365: Local restore will continue even with errors on some files. Detect and shorten file names after failure creating then because of that filesystem filename length limitations.

  • m365: Some extra checks to try to avoid Error in Fetcher backupAttachments: Cannot invoke “” because “this.rawObject” issue

  • m365: Support for Goverment Community Cloud environments with the new endpoint variable

MySQL plugin:
  • mysql: Fix #10031 About incorrect xtrabackup call

  • rest-api: Fix #10018 adapt API to new 16.0 tables format

  • rest-api: Fix acquiring token independent if HTTP/1 or HTTP/2 is used

  • rest-api: Fix web console if HTTP/2 is used

HyperV-WMI plugin:
  • hyperv-wmi: Fix #10007 Add information about VM renaming

  • hyperv-wmi: Fix #9982 Where can specify a new vm name or a restoration path. New restoreobjects entry preempt where when specified for precise restore behavior

  • hyperv-wmi: Implement queryParameter for hyperv

  • hyperv-wmi: localhost_only directive prevents the plugin to reach other nodes but local

  • hyperv-wmi: Fix #9982 Where can specify a new vm name or a restoration path. New restoreobjects entry preempts where= setting when specified for precise restore behavior

  • hyperv-wmi: Remove shortpaths

Kubernetes and Openshift plugins:
  • k8s: Fix 9935 part-2 misspelled reponse instead of response

Nutanix AHV plugin:
  • nutanix-ahv: New parameter, application consistent

  • nutanix-ahv: Add application consistent snapshot

  • nutanix-ahv: Finalize local restore with correct where check

RHV plugin:
  • rhv: Implement query method to support scan_plugin. Fix also .ls

  • rhv: Updated query command to show vms=VMname,uuid=xxx instead of vms=xxx,name=VMname

  • docs: Adding a missing table

  • docs: Bweb migration

  • docs: Cloud plugin - S3/Amazon changes

  • docs: Moving Setting up a tape autochanger… into .rst

  • docs: nutanix-ahv: Add description for parameters where and application_consistent

  • docs: Disabling hyperlinks in download area addresses

  • docs: Updating information about tapes

  • docs: Webpage address update

  • docs: Add the new migration from dedup1 to dedup2 documentation

Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 9977 9981 9982 10000 10004 10007 10008 10017 10018 10020 10030 10031 10032 10033

Release 16.0.4

16.0.4 was not released to the public.

Release 16.0.3 / 09 March 2023

16.0.3 is a minor bug fix release. There are, however, a few new features.

  • Add limit option to the estimate command

  • Fix #9907 About Director crash with Runscript Console

  • Fix #9912 About Director crash with status dir

  • Fix #9923 Windows crash when Fileset is empty

  • Fix #9933 About incorrect message of the setbandwidth command

  • Fix #9945 About incorrect job status after Runscript::Console execution

  • Make Jobs with runscript “Queued” in timeout to wait

  • Prune Object records when pruning Files

NDMP plugin:
  • ndmp: ndmp_idx_dump memory improvements

  • ndmp: Add limit_hist plugin command option

  • Report an error when .query cannot find a suitable plugin

  • bweb: Fix #9899 search field in mailbox combobox in M365 email restore wizard

  • bweb: Fix #9919 about incorrect required fields for the nutanix-ahv configuration page

  • bweb: Fix list_objects to work with the temporary workset

  • bweb: Fix remembering the selected mailbox name between M365 restore wizard steps

  • bweb: Store send_one_cmd() status in bconsole object

  • docs: Added Backblaze as a possible S3 cloud storage provider

  • docs: Adding information on the warning to the Restore Using NDMP section

  • docs: Adding information on the warning before booting up the VM

  • docs: Dedup 2 documentation update

  • docs: Issue142 - Changing pg_xlog to pg_wal

  • docs: Issue146 - adding a note on connection errors to MySQL server

  • docs: Merge branch ‘documentation-patch-43530’ into ‘documentation’

  • docs: Update source/core/director.rst missing-word-in-fileset

  • docs: Volume encryption - Name of the package corrected

HyperV WMI plugin:
  • hyperv-wmi: Fix #9927 Catch the cluster exception when retrieving VM

  • hyperv-wmi: Fix #9938 Handle errors on the FD side

  • hyperv-wmi: Fix #9938 Unify the stderr ouput

  • hyperv-wmi: Use VM GuId instead of Name

Kubernetes and Openshift plugin:
  • k8s: Fix #9935 name ‘response’ is not defined in get_pods()

Microsoft 365 plugin:
  • m365: Backup drive contents of SP sites without default unit. More checks for uncommon situations

  • m365: Email performance multi-thread improvements. Fix issues with estimate

  • m365: Fix incorrect decode of path from catalog. Adapt empty files management to new behavior. More Null checkers

  • m365: New parameters. More best practices for Sharepoint. New defaults for performance

  • m365: Performance improvements

  • m365: Put email address for PluginObject in lowercase

  • m365: new parameters for concurrency control

Nutanix plugin:
  • nutanix-ahv: 0009746: After VM restore boot configuration needs to be manually changed back to UEFI

  • nutanix-ahv: Added UUID at VM query parameter

  • nutanix-ahv: Updated pom file for libs

PostgreSQL plugin:
  • postgres: Fix error message when unix users cannot be displayed in .query

  • rpms: Fix #9926 about gnupg dependency with storage-key-manager package

  • rpms: Fix #9932 about permission issue on script

  • rpms: Fix rhel9 Distribution detection

  • store-mngr: Fix #8852 #9572 2 new store-mngr strategies and regress tests

S3 plugin:
  • s3: Force java11 compilation. Update libraries and adapt code. Incorporate new transfer manager (more speed)

vSphere plugin:
  • vsphere: Add the checkssl parameter for the vsphere-ctl command

  • vsphere: Improve input checks and enhance .query interface to return all information available

Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 8852 9899 9907 9912 9919 9923 9926 9927 9932 9933 9938 9945

Release 16.0.2 / 14 February 2023

16.0.2 is a minor bug fix release. There are however a few new features.

NDMP plugin:
  • ndmp: Add NetApp CAB support

  • Add Job queue control using RunScript

  • Add list restoreobject client= option

  • bweb: Request #9857 add new dedup2 storage status values

HyperV WMI plugin:
  • hyperv-wmi: Protect argv from beeing NULL. Make sure usr/pwd are overwrite by values in the pwd file.

  • hyperv-wmi: add ‘allow_pre_save’ option to bypass pre-save + post-retry retry when crash consistency fails

Microsoft 365:
  • m365: Fix filename encode/decode. Update Graph. Update Powershell-PnP. Extra Null checkers

  • m365: Put full destination path on restore report when possible. Check Pwsh for Sharepoint at the beginning

  • m365: Specification that we are using HTTPS

  • docs: Catalog Enhancements languague review

  • docs: Changing “Please visit: <link>” to “visit: <link>”

  • docs: Document catalog enhancements in newfeatures section

  • docs: Document the NetApp CAB ndmp feature

  • docs: Update microsoft365-plugin.rst

  • docs: Update source/plugins/azure-vm/azure-vm.rst

  • docs: Update source/plugins/gw/gw-delta-backup.rst

  • docs: Write documentation about Runscript Queued parameter

  • docs: hyper-v-vmi-plugin: update documentation. Introducing “allow_pre_save” directive. Reorder directives.

  • rpms: Remove powershell dependency from M365 in RHEL9, as it is not supported yet

  • Fix #9763 About miss calculation in dedup usage ( free=18.44EB )

  • Fix #9749: backup windows mount points

  • Fix #9876 Update information printed during file restore error

  • Fix #9878 About isworm tool not working on rhel8

  • Fix #9882 About tapealert script issue on rhel8

  • Fix .status storage devices output

  • Fix update_mysql_tables script

  • win32: Switch to openssl 1.1.1t

Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 9763 9857 9876 9878 9882

Release 16.0.1 / 03 February 2023

16.0.1 is a minor bug fix release.

  • bweb: Add log in/log out action logs

  • bweb: Fix #9832 eject tapes on media overview page

  • fix local variable ‘crypto_ctx’ referenced before assignment

Microsoft 365 plugin:
  • m365: Fix long filename problem in onenote #9842

  • m365: Fix sentDateTime for emails in MetaEmail table

MySQL plugin:
  • mysql: Fix #9826 Add support for Ubuntu 22

NDMP plugin:
  • netapp: Add -M option to list volumes and nodes

  • netapp: Add NDMP address detection to snapmgr interface

  • netapp: Add backup-ndmp-control service

  • netapp: Improve the interface selection process

Oracle plugin:
  • oracle: Add AIX helpers

  • oracle: Add prefix to plugin messages

  • oracle: Add some information in the job log about the progress of the job

  • oracle: Add timeout plugin command line and increase default timeout on various operations

  • oracle: Fix complex name usage in client, job configuration

  • oracle: Fix with new status client output

Azure VM plugin:
  • azure-vm: Implement estimate job

  • azure-vm: Implementation of bjoblist snapshot tracker

  • azure-vm: Passing parameter to diff script via environment

RHV plugin:
  • rhv: Fix local restore failing at the finishing phase for bacula connection error

  • sap: Fix with new status client output

  • sybase: Fix with new status client output

  • win32: Fix org#2667 enable sockaddress_storage for windows

  • Hyperv-wmi: Fix #9830 Bullet-proof the ps script to avoid reported error

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:

9583 9622 9741 9824 9826 9829 9830 9832 9842

Release 16.0.0 / 13 January 2023

16.0.0 is a major release.

  • Add Storage Daemon Encryption support for File and Cloud devices

  • Add NetApp Snaplock and EMC Datadomain immutability support

  • Add Azure VM Plugin with incremental backup support

  • Add Google Workspace Plugin

  • Add Nutanix AHV Plugin

  • Add Malware detection feature for Backup and Verify Jobs

  • Add Inventory Plugin

  • Add NDMP Incremental Forever for NetApp

  • Add NDMP OnTap Cluster Support

BWeb Management Console:
  • bweb: Add new Search tools (over media, client, menu and jobs)

  • bweb: Implement new welcome wizard

  • bweb: Add –use_moref to

  • bweb: Add missing option in the scan_datacenter help message

  • bweb: Add new exclude option to postgresql.json

  • bweb: Add new job reporting steps to welcome wizard

  • bweb: Add protocol parameter to script

  • bweb: Add skip_missing_db parameter to the MySQL Plugin configuration page

  • bweb: Apply changes to welcome wizard after review made by Patrick Bonhoure

  • bweb: Change criteria to display vmware center in main menu

  • bweb: Check the average catalog size per record

  • bweb: Extent help message - proposed by Aleksandar Sudarevic

  • bweb: Fix #8786 error message on Microsoft 365 pages when configuration is not split

  • bweb: Fix #8956 add new control to support storage group policy ListedOrder setting

  • bweb: Fix #8992 and #9146 improve highlighting lines in job log

  • bweb: Fix #8994 disable choosing some Microsoft 365 services in fileset wizard depending on chosen entity type (users/groups/sites)

  • bweb: Fix #9028 creating fileset with qemu plugin

  • bweb: Fix #9033 not displayed pie charts: pool volumes and pool volume size

  • bweb: Fix #9034 display running jobs on job overview page

  • bweb: Fix #9044 remove always display main menu option

  • bweb: Fix #9074 missing write storage in run job wizard for copy job with nextpool used in pool

  • bweb: Fix #9145 overlapping unreadable labels on pool volume status graph

  • bweb: Fix #9195 missing Nutanix icon on virtual machine overview page

  • bweb: Fix #9196 proper handling different objects with the same name on VM overview page

  • bweb: Fix #9259 saving wizard changes when Apache web server is used

  • bweb: Fix #9280 about bweb_testconfig SQL error

  • bweb: Fix #9286 sort media by online column in media table

  • bweb: Fix #9313 missing job page support for full/incremental/differential backup pool directive

  • bweb: Fix #9316 add partial support for IPv6 settings

  • bweb: Fix #9321 wrong message while canceling jobs with error

  • bweb: Fix #9363 job number displayed in box with jobs finished OK

  • bweb: Fix #9405 add more space to form boxes

  • bweb: Fix #9464 autocommit for delete component action

  • bweb: Fix XenServer plugin icon on VM overview page

  • bweb: Fix missing icons on database overview page and improve top boxes view

  • bweb: Fix saving job form if backurl is provided

  • bweb: Fix warning in get_job_status_history()

  • bweb: Fix warning in human_nb()

  • bweb: Implement Microsoft 365 plugin dashboard

  • bweb: Improve script to share files

  • bweb: Improve summary boxes view on database dashboard and virtual machine dashboard

  • bweb: Request #8991 default add signature SHA1 to fileset created by Microsoft 365 fileset wizard

  • bweb: Request #9031 use default original mailbox value in m365 restore wizard

  • bweb: Request #9157 improve notification messages

  • bweb: Request #9243 add custom user.css styles to login page

  • bweb: Request #9332 add config files backup before deploying configuration

  • bweb: Request #9387 add tag directive support to job resource settings

  • bweb: Request #9391 does not offer web bconsole option on application settings page

  • bweb: Request #9442 provide a way to share local files through web

  • bweb: Update regex for catching cancelled job message

  • Update pid file timestamp after a reload

  • Improve network error messages with specific codes. The StatusInfo Job catalog field stores the first occurrence

  • Add new Job and Media catalog field - Job:isVirtualFull, Job:StatusInfo - Job:WriteDevice Job:LastReadDevice Job:LastReadStorageId Job:WriteStorageId - Job:Rate Job:CompressRatio Job:Encrypted Job:RealStartTime - Media:UseProtect Media:Protected

  • Add “update volumeprotect” bconsole command

  • Add FileEvents features

  • Switch to the new manual format

  • Accept jobid list in “list object” command

  • Add VirtualFull plugin support

  • Clarify SD vbackup device error message

  • Do not add an empty Storage line when generating the BSR

  • Do not reassign catalog objects after a migration

  • Ensure that the disk space is checked when finding new media

  • Fix “list metadata” command with copy jobs

  • Add VolType to .bvfs_versions output

  • Fix #1868 Make StorageGroup feature compatible with Copy and Migration jobs

  • Fix #7816 About restore performance issue with Aligned volumes

  • Fix #8131 About permision denied for creating tmp file

  • Fix #8955 About “Least Used” Storage Group not working as expected

  • Fix #9035 Sync the Job and JobHisto table when “update stats” is issued

  • Fix #9085 Very long jobid list are truncated in copy/migration/virtualfull

  • Fix #9116 Copy Job missuses the client->FdStorageAddress directive

  • Fix #9125 About issue with AllowFDConnections and very high debug level

  • Fix #9127 About incorrect handling of the new Accurate ‘o’ option with multiple incremental jobs. Add support for ACL updates

  • Fix #9209 lsmark don’t walk through unselected directory

  • Fix #9224 about Storage Daemon issue with BoostFS

  • Fix #9284 About unnecessary warning message with empty filesets

  • Fix #9292 about file descriptor leak with the HonorNoDumpFlag fileset option

  • Fix #9293 Incorrect debug message with NODUMP flag

  • Fix #9297 MySQL update script with Client/Plugins filed

  • Fix #9305 At restore time, show wrong Backup Client when modifying client

  • Fix #9315 Save files if accurate/checksum fileset cannot be verified

  • Fix #9341 split BSR when a volume cycle is detected

  • Fix #9428 About incorrect .volstatus output

  • Fix #9443 About incorrect management of the STDERR via open_bpipe()

  • Fix org#2594 About compilation warning on VolRead/WriteTime

  • Fix org#2644 Add support for binary files to bacula md5sum

  • Fix org#2655 About incorrect definition of MAX_FOPTS

  • Fix org#2656 About incorrect error message on TLS CA Certificate

  • Fix org#2658 About segfault with bsdjson with incorrect parameters

  • Fix org#2659 Install dbcheck and bsmtp in 755

  • Fix org#2662 About SQLite migration script issue

  • Fix query SQL provided in sample-query.sql

  • Optimize Aligned format for Single Item Restore

  • Remove limitation 64 Storage resources from the Storage Manager

  • Revert #7966 Do not display client ip address in show command

  • Revert win32: Fix #7111 Better file path handling to avoid warnings at restore with VSS Plugin

  • Skip storage daemon detection if the information is not available in the BSR

  • Use regular LIKE for MySQL and SQLite, use ILIKE for PostgreSQL in .search command

  • aligned: Implement properly is_fs_nearly_full()

  • bpipe: run_program_full with error handling

  • cloud: Fix #9366 type out and err as str rather that bytes

  • cloud: Fix #9419 Avoid abort when truncate() fails

  • cloud: Follow up #9366 adjust all generic drivers out and err format to str.

  • cloud: add restore to generic_driver and aws_cloud_driver

  • cloud: add restore_bucket field to transfer structure.

  • cloud: azure driver update to support restoration

  • cloud: azure restore in place first method

  • cloud: azure. Handle restore bucket name in generic driver

  • cloud: bcloud to handle aws driver

  • cloud: configure the generic drivers python logger in non-debug mode

  • cloud: format exceptions. 1 liner for stderr, full stack for logger

  • cloud: introduce a default object tier directive in Cloud

  • cloud: object tier passed to generic aws driver

  • cloud: was_cloud_driver version 1. Restore in place

  • cloud: Enable cloud_transfer directives for generic_driver

  • cloud: Support cloud_transfer directives. Fix download

  • cloud: Add MaximumVolumeParts to control the size of volumes

  • db2: Fix possible issue with command executed to get size and database list

  • dedup2: Fix #8915 Dedup=Storage don’t deduplicate

  • dedup2: Fix #8670 more persistent vacuum statistics available in dedup usage

  • dedup2: add dedup ratio

  • dedup2: add sort option to dedup qindex command

  • dedup2: add the index capacity to API 2

  • dedup2: don’t make any distinction between option checkmiss and checkvolume

  • dedup2: fix rare orphan entries left by the vacuum

  • dedup2: improve api 2 dedup usage output

  • dedup2: improved dedup usage output on the container usage

  • dedup2: report that checkindex option in dedup vacuum is ignored by dedup2

  • dedup: Implement properly is_fs_nearly_full()

  • edit_uint64_with_suffix() add option to remove the space before the suffix

  • gw: Add cross-workspace restore variables and fix packaging target install name

  • gw: Added Google Workspace Plugin. Backup and restore Drive module

  • gw: Added trash-spam parameter

  • gw: Email fields added to BWeb

  • gw: Email parameters re-work

  • gw: Integration in BWeb

  • gw: New email and restore parameters

  • gw: email module parameters with first regress test

  • gw: email params modifications

  • hyperv-wmi: Create PSSession when not credentials are found

  • hyperv-wmi: Fix #9327 Correct error display while retrying VM backup

  • hyperv-wmi: better message display

  • hyperv-wmi: env var for credentials + header + default ps-session

  • hyperv-wmi: move restoreObject and Restore to ps1 session

  • hyperv-wmi: retrieve stderr from hyperv.ps1

  • hyperv-wmi: tmp_dir is defaulted to vhd location (on SCV by default)

  • hyperv-wmi: update fs script with GetClusternode

  • hyperv-wmi: update fs script with credentials

  • hyperv-wmi: update ps1 script with GetClusternode

  • hyperv-wmi: use pssession to change user. User is passed or located in hyperv.pwd/hyperv.usr. Clean-Repository to delete path only when they are empty.

  • kvm: Fix #9368 Use the first bootable disk to detect the root directory in

  • kvm: Fix #9389 About exclude= option not working properly

  • ldap: Fix #9203 Display LDAPURI and BINDDN to ldaptest output

  • ldap: Fix #9434 Add support for TLS_CERFILE, TLS_CACERT, TLS_CACERTDIR and TLS_REQCERT options in ldap.conf

  • m365: Add new parameter to disable hashcheck in OneDrive

  • m365: Added support for Accurate Job option and VF. Important: Accurate still does not track deleted files or objects

  • m365: Teams private channel modes as restore variable

  • m365: added team channel name restore variable

  • mysql: Fix #9076 Add skip_missing_db parameter to not print an error if a database is gone during the backup

  • mysql: Fix #9311 Display a warning message when either xtrabackup or mariabackup are not installed

  • ndmp: Fix 9355: Improve error reporting

  • ndmp: Fix possible issue when bndmjob subsystem reports logs via STDERR

  • nutanix-ahv: Added a new paramter new_hostname

  • osx: New set of packages

  • osx: Fix #9309 about extended attribute backup error on macOS

  • osx: Fix permissions on etc/

  • postgresql: Fix #9251 Add exclude option to exclude a database in dump mode

  • rhv: Add persist memory state variable

  • security-fd: integrate in win32 bacula-fd plugins list

  • sharepoint: Fix #9210 avoid error with space in path

  • sharepoint: Pass parameters thru env vars

  • sharepoint: User/pwd impersonification support

  • sharepoint: Various enhancements + regress tests

  • snapshot: Adapt for BTRFS 5.17

  • snapshot: Add support for new LVM 2.03.15

  • snapshot: Fix #9143 About snapshot not properly stored in the catalog

  • snapshot: Fix snapshot delete/prune command

  • totp: Fix #9445 Add -r option to btotp to remove a key on disk

  • vsphere: Update VDDK to 8.0.0-20521017

  • win32: Fix #9403 About segfault when VSS is not enabled in the FileSet

  • win32: Update to OpenSSL 1.1.1s

  • win32: change windows os version detection